Sunday, April 1, 2012

i'm back

Boy, it's been awhile!
Did you miss me?! All 8 of my dear followers. :)

My hiatus started with the flu. So there was that. And it was followed by just a general lack of enthusiasm for any of my current projects. It happens. 

I've had a half completed project sitting in my living room (on my new awesome rug) for at least 2 weeks now. 
"Maybe tomorrow" has become a common phrase. 

I did have some success this past week completeling my to-do list. Unfortunately, it was full of "pay this and call them." 
I love striking things off with a thick line. I sometimes put the little tasks on just for the opportunity to cross them off!

And then yesterday morning, RUMMAGE SALE SEASON STARTED! Praise the Lord! Seriously. It's my favorite. I wake up willingly on the weekend to see what kind of treasures I can find. 

It was pretty cold out, and there weren't too many listed in the paper, but we managed. 

I told my mom that we need to take a picture of our loot every week. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to note how much we spend too. Sometimes we get carried away. But mostly, we get some pretty practical stuff for a fraction of the price. Painters tape for .50: yes please. 7 mugs (perfect to decorate with a porcelain pen!)all for $1.50: yes please. A giant roll of freezer paper (that was on my shopping list already) for $1.00: hooray!

If nothing else, rummaging is cheap entertainment and a good excuse for my mom, sister, and I to hang out. Plus, there's nothing like looking at discarded randomness to spark my creativity.

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